Embrace the HATE issue 1 | Summer 2020 (Fluke Publishing)

Embrace the HATE issue 1 | Summer 2020 (Fluke Publishing)

Fluke Publishing presents Embrace the HATE, a collection of raw and desolate journal entries, poems and writings told through two alternating perspectives over the course of a year—exploring their own repressed thoughts of hatred and confusion.

In this issue, we see Luis Hernandez’s growth over the past year as he confronts his own anger in a series of journal entries.

Tim Morrison prods at the unending discomfort of dissociative states through his own semi-fictional poetry and flash writings.

Each piece is embodied by the illustrations from artists Cole McVay and Katie Bell.
Graphic designer Caleb Stafford matches the intensity and tone of each work through his overall designs and formats.

32 pages, half size issue