Fluke Pub 2023 Holiday Pack

Fluke Pub 2023 Holiday Pack

5 zines and comix from Fluke Publishing for 1/2 off of cover price!

The People In My Panic Room

The People In My Panic Room is the debut zine by collage artist and illustrator Ian Addison. This zine contains 22 original artworks created between March and November of 2022, and acts as an introspective look into the artist's mental health. Having worked through psychiatric setbacks for years, Ian now draws from lived experiences to generate engaging conversations on awareness through his visuals.

24 pages, 5.5x8.5"

Embrace #2

In Embrace #2, artist and author Luis Hernandez presents a series of dark and comedic vignettes that delve into the subject of loss. Through fictional short stories, comics, and illustrations, Embrace #2 explores themes of identity, isolation, and the impact of human connections.

16 pages, 5.5x8.5"


As the inaugural zine from illustrator Jessica Hoofnagle, Collector contains work covering a wide array of interests. Hand-painted pieces, writings in nonexistent alphabets, and an array of the most curious photos from the artist's personal collection come together to bemuse and befuddle the reader. Set up to mirror the visual diaries Jessica has diligently kept for the past seven years, Collector represents not only a collection of images and stories, but a collection of thoughts, experiences, and dreams.

28 pages, full color, 5.5x8.5"


From the sewers of St. Louis and the demented mind of Everett Gee comes the comic Knuckleheads! Without a doubt the swine flu of stupidity! There's been nothing funny about 2020 ... until now.

32 page comic, 7"x5.5"

Tracker Kiosk

Matthew Castellano’s Tracker Kiosk explores a world ravished by plague and it’s up to the nomadic “kiosks” to offer help and guidance as culture bearers, general stores and information. Follow the first troop into the unknown.

“In these times, navigate with more than our eyes. We need our hearts.” -Tracker Echo

20 pages, digest size