NXOEED Combo Pack


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Buy NXOEED 1 and get Fluke 16 for a dollar!

Fluke 16: Fluke #16 - The Art of NXOEED - is an issue solely dedicated to James B. Hunt (NXOEED) and his art. Also included is a four page interview with James, where he reveals a clue or two on the whereabouts of hidden art, as well as how he got started and what motivates him today.

32 pages, half-size issue

NXOEED 1: A year in the life of visual artist James B. Hunt aka NXOEED. Posters he illustrated, band logos he created, altercations he had along the way, and tools for folks who want their poster made by him without actually having to pay him to do it!

32 pages, 5.5x7