Plastic Island Volume 4: Songs About Cats

Plastic Island Volume 4: Songs About Cats

Eggplant's 4th Volume of compilation cassette tapes! This seriously prompted me to get a cat of my own.

A1 Deanne Bunny: "Black Cat"
A2 Two Ruby Spring: "The Simple Words"
A3 COAMB: "If I Was A Cat"
A4 Zeb Quinn Orch: "Peter"
A5 Macks Rowzen: "Woofy Woofy"
A6 Carl With Gong: "Ducks On The Lawn"
A7 The Scholarry Bros.: "Gatos Negros"
A8 Tako Kat Overlords: "Meow Meow Meow"
A9 The Same: "Felis Catus"
A10 La Mere: "I Pet The Cat"
A11 Moving Company: "Scaredy Cat"

B1 Heaw: "Cat Needs Scratch"
B2 Lettuce Vultures: "Persian Cat"
B3 Last Chance Club: "The 7 1/2 Lives Of Callie the Cat"
B4 Lay/Lie: "Say You Know Me"
B5 Isabella Velleda: "Remember"
B6 Campfire Cowboy: "Cat Out Of The Bag"
B7 Michael Carlson: "Ruffi Cat"
B8 Poopy Necroponde: "Ere Kiddy Kiddy Kiddy"
B9 Karma Kids: "Think For Yourself"
B10 Todd Pritchard: "Oscar"
B11 MoonHole: "9 Lives"
B12 V. Vale: "I Love That Cat"