Plastic Island Volume 4: Songs About Cats

Plastic Island Volume 4: Songs About Cats

[Fluke Distro]

Robert Eggplant's comp tape about cats. This seriously prompted me to get a kitten!

A1 Deanne Bunny– Black Cat
A2 Two Ruby Spring– The Simple Words
A3 COAMB- If I Was A Cat
A4 Zeb Quinn Orch- Peter
A5 Macks Rowzen– Woofy Woofy
A6 Carl With Gong– Ducks On The Lawn
A7 The Scholarry Bros.- Gatos Negros
A8 Tako Kat Overlords– Meow Meow Meow
A9 The Same (14)– Felis Catus
A10 La Mere (2)– I Pet The Cat
A11 Moving Company– Scaredy Cat
B1 Heaw– Cat Needs Scratch
B2 Lettuce Vultures– Persian Cat
B3 Last Chance Club– The 7 1/2 Lives Of Callie the Cat
B4 Lay/Lie– Say You Know Me
B5 Isabella Velleda– Remember
B6 Campfire Cowboy– Cat Out Of The Bag
B7 Michael Carlson– Ruffi Cat
B8 Poopy Necroponde– Ere Kiddy Kiddy Kiddy
B9 Karma Kids– Think For Yourself
B10 Todd Pritchard– Oscar
B11 MoonHole– 9 Lives
B12 V. Vale- I Love That Cat