New Wave Chicken #9

New Wave Chicken #9

This issue of New Wave Chicken is very special to me. I’ve described this issue as a “love letter” to my friends. Issue 9 is a celebration of my incredible fortune of being surrounded by artist friends throughout my life. In this issue, I interview the people who left an indelible mark on my soul.

Many of my friends in this issue are not household names. Maybe they should be, but that’s not up to me. However, there hasn’t gone a day where I haven’t thought or spoken about them. In some ways, these friends created me.

This issue features Hudley Flipside whose scribbles in Flipside were always a highlight. Michael Banks is an artist and musician, currently living in Michigan and creating new installments with his wife. Michael Peoples is a fascinating artist, creating wax figures from discarded crayons. I interviewed Eris Noren, who helped me with Licentia et Pax, my previous fanzine in the '80s.

This issue also features interviews with Ross Sewage (Impaled, Exhumed)—printer extraordinaire—about his artistic process. Also inside are interviews with Travis D. Simmons, a unique fine-art painter from Georgia, and Al Garr, a digital artist and sticker maker out here in Maui.

Lastly, this issue includes an in-depth interview with Mark Ottens, one of my favorite artists in the world. This interview wanders all over the world, from India to Wisconsin.

-Steve Hart

36 pages, half size, offset print